Join the church planting movement in Venezuela

Venezuela is in trouble. With a population of 30 million, Venezuela was once a stable democracy and one of the wealthiest countries in Latin America. But Venezuela is turning into a radicalized socialist nation, like Cuba. In 2018 Venezuela experienced 1 million percent inflation. Food is just plain unavailable. Many Venezuelans line up at grocery stores before dawn, hoping to buy scant necessities like sugar, oil, eggs or flour. Bread shelves are barren and toilet paper is a luxury. The average weight loss is 20 pounds. Families are unable to feed themselves and the government denies the severity of the calamity. The military is in charge of its food system and there is widespread corruption. Thousands flood the streets to protest the corrupt government. Churches are pooling resources and are distributing food parcels to needy individuals and families. In the midst of this physical hunger there is a rising spiritual hunger in the people of Venezuela. Only 4% of the population of Venezuela are evangelical Christians, but people are praying, seeking God and searching for God like never before. 

Support a Venezuelan Pastor

Pastors in Venezuela love Jesus and they want to minister to the Venezuelan people—bringing God’s love, hope and the gospel. Because of the financial crisis in Venezuela, many churches and pastors are struggling. Many pastors are being forced to look for other work just to survive. You can support a pastor and allow him to keep serving the Lord and the Venezuelan people for $50 per month.