Projects are the Tools Church Planters Use to Advance the Gospel


Small Things Make A Big Difference

The simplest things can prevent a church planter from going further with the gospel. Many pastors walk hours to get to the next village because they have no means of transportation. Most church planters have no Bible to give after they share the gospel with someone.

Providing basic things like transportation and Bibles unleashes church planting movements to reach even more people with the love of Jesus.



One of the biggest hurdles church planters face in Vietnam is the mountainous terrain isolating unreached villages. Motorcycles help pastors reach more villages with the gospel. You provided this motorcycle to this pastor and he was able to reach three new villages with the gospel.

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Approximately 50% of Christians in China lack a copy of God's precious Word. Even if they have the money, it is very difficult to locate and then purchase a Bible in China. This is a picture of a new Christian in China receiving a Bible. Having a copy of God's Word will grow his faith, bring joy to his life and equip him to share the good news with others. For just $3.00 per Bible, you can give a copy of God's Word to a Chinese believer.

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They heard the need for building a church in Bangladesh.

They provided the funds to build it!

The following is a letter from our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh to Jon & Alana:

Koski Church Bangladesh.jpg

Dear Jon & Alana,

Greetings in Christ name. I am Pastor Sam and all the believers in Bangladesh say thank you from our heart. We are so thankful to you for your love, generous gift and encouragement to stand alongside us. By the grace of God we had a wonderful time as we joyfully dedicated the church building.
This is a living testimony of God that today we are able to open our church for God's glory. Today our dream has come true.

Thank you so much and God bless you abundantly,
Your brothers and sisters in Bangladesh

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Send a church planter into full time ministry for $50 a month



Provide the tools the pastors use to advance the gospel