Join the church planting movement in Thailand

Thailand has a population of 68 million people with the capital in Bangkok. It is a beautiful country with a strong economy based on agriculture, industry and various exports. It happens to be the world’s largest exporter of rice. Unfortunately, the sex trade and drug trafficking also generate enormous wealth. Over 1 million serve as child laborers with tens of thousands of children living on the streets. 95% of the people in Thailand are Buddhist, 4% are Muslim and only 1% are Christian. There are many areas where God is powerfully at work in Thailand and it’s an honor to come along side and support many of God’s courageous church planters who are reaching rural Thailand with the gospel.


Support a Pastor in Thailand


Ko was the most revered Buddhist monk in the region. He was literally worshiped as a god from his birth. His son got sick. Ko tried all his prayers and rituals, but his son died. Ko went to the river to commit suicide. Ko looked down and saw something shiny in the undergrowth. It was a gospel coin that had John 3:16 written on it. Ko took that coin and walked to the only Christian pastor he knew. That Christian pastor is one of the pastors we support. He shared the gospel with Ko and Ko accepted Jesus’ love and was born again. Today, Ko is one of the Thai church planters we support—preaching the gospel all over rural Thailand.  You can sponsor a pastor like Ko for $50.00 per month.