Learn how you can bring the gospel to Thailand

Thailand has a population of 68 million people with the capital in Bangkok. It is a beautiful country with a strong economy based on agriculture, industry and various exports. It happens to be the world’s largest exporter of rice. Unfortunately, the sex trade and drug trafficking also generate enormous wealth. Over 1 million serve as child laborers with tens of thousands of children living on the streets. 95% of the people in Thailand are Buddhist, 4% are Muslim and only 1% are Christian. There are many areas where God is powerfully at work in Thailand and it’s an honor to support God’s work and workers in this country.

Support an iPastor in Thailand

Ko is one of the pastors that 360Serve has the privilege of supporting.  He is a man full of joy and purpose and is now a committed teacher of God’s Word in his community!  You can sponsor a pastor like Ko for $50.00 per month.