Provide a motorcycle-scooter for a Vietnamese church planter

The San Chay live in the northern mountains of Vietnam. The terrain is very challenging and the San Chay are spread over many miles. Many of the church planters can’t afford a motorcycle, so they have to walk to the various churches they are planting. Walking takes up precious time and prevents them from being as effective as they could be. A motorcycle is a huge blessing. It’s really a dream come true! You can place a big smile on the face of a Vietnamese church planter for $1,000. This will purchase a brand new motorcycle-scooter. If you donate the full price for a motorcycle we will send you a picture of the church planter with his new motorcycle and a little write up about his life.


Grant the Gift of a Motorcycle

Paul said, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How can they believe if they have not heard? How can they hear without someone preaching to them? How can they preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14-15

A motorcycle is a powerful tool to send a church planter on his way to plant churches. Church planters have to travel great distance in very difficult terrain. Without a motorcycle, church planters have to walk hours to reach their church plant locations. I talked to one church planter who is planting churches in 11 different locations and walks to all of them. Having a motorcycle simply allows a church planter to plant more churches. You can give a motorcycle to a church planter for $3,000. Motorcycles are very expensive in Ethiopia because there is a 200% tax levied by the government on such purchases. Regardless, these are God’s servants doing the most important work on earth. Thank you for being so generous in giving the gift of a motorcycle.


Supply a dream mule for a Cuban pastor

Most pastors in Cuba don’t own a car, they could never afford one; they make only $25.00 per month. Cuban pastors who serve in the jungle areas couldn’t use a bike, even if they had one, it just wouldn’t work in the difficult terrain. Do you know what they dream about? They dream about one day owning a mule! A mule is the ultimate ride for a Cuban pastor serving in the jungle. Many of these Cuban pastors will walk several miles a day to just get to their church, and many of them pastor several churches! Walking from place to place takes a lot of time. The last time I was in Cuba one pastor walked and hitchhiked 170 miles to come to our meeting. He shared with me that he had been praying for 3 years for a mule. We helped him get a mule that day! You should have seen the smile on his face…PRICELESS! 360Serve knows dozens of Cuban pastors who could only dream of owning a mule. Mules cost $300.00. And guess what? If you donate $300.00 for a mule, you get to name the mule! Yep, we will pass along the name of the mule to a Cuban pastor. Just think about the smile on his face!

Provide a bike for a Cuban pastor

Most of us take transportation for granted. Seriously, when’s the last time you woke up in the morning thinking, “Well, I’ve got to walk to work again?” Walk to work? But, for many Cuban pastors walking everywhere is a reality of life. Cuban pastors only make $25.00 per month and many Cuban pastors serve several churches in different locations at one time. They waste a lot of time walking. Many Cuban pastors would give anything to have a bicycle. It would save them tons of time and thereby multiply their ministry efforts. I once followed a Cuban pastor and his wife home from a church meeting. I was in the car. They were on their only bike. He drove the bike; she balanced on the handle bars! They road this way for 5 miles and it was at 11pm at night. It was amazing to watch. Guess what? They were grateful they had a bike! Can you imagine them walking the five miles home? When you only make $25.00 a month, you can’t afford a taxi and it’s hard to even afford a bike. 360Serve knows dozens of pastors and missionaries who would love to own a bike. $150.00 gets a bike to a Cuban pastor. I think it would be pretty cool for a Cuban pastor to wake up and say to himself, “Guess what, I get to ride my bike to work today!”

Give a motorcycle-scooter to a Bangladeshi pastor

How do you personally get to work? Car? Motorcycle? BART? I talked to so many pastors in Bangladesh who, due to a lack of finances, must walk to their church and also walk to the various other churches that they have planted throughout the jungle areas where they minister. Having a motorcycle-scooter would be a dream come true; it would save them so much time and would increase their productivity for the Lord. Bangladesh does not manufacture motorcycle-scooters. They are imported from India and are highly taxed and are expensive. You can make a dream come true for a pastor like Nelson and provide a motorcycle-scooter for $2,000.

Give a bicycle to a Bangladeshi pastor

Remember when you used to ride a bicycle? Maybe you still do. We typically ride a bicycle for recreation. There are so many Bangladesh pastors who would love to own a bicycle. Rather than walking to their churches which are typically spread miles out in the jungles, they could ride their bike. Pastors in Bangladesh would never have the money to purchase a bicycle on their own. Remember, half the people in Bangladesh live on less than $1 per day. You can put a Bangladesh pastor on a bicycle for $150.