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Join the church planting movement in Pakistan 

There are 184 million people living in Pakistan. Uncontrolled population growth and a massive refugee problem as a result of long-term war, together with a large-scale earthquake centered in the north of the country in October 2005, has greatly impoverished this nation.

The capital city of Islamabad has 1.1 million people. The official language is Urdu, with 69 other local languages spoken. Pakistan achieved independence from the British in 1947, followed by a number of military dictatorships.   

Pakistan is an Islamic republic with 98% being Muslim. Fundamentalist Islam, driven by the Taliban impacts the whole nation. There are less than 1% evangelical Christians in Pakistan. Christians face much persecution from extremists, including forced marriages, beatings, rape, vandalized or destroyed churches and the famous “blasphemy law” which allows the death penalty to anyone who insults Mohammed, and life in prison to anyone who damages a Quran. Even amidst such persecution, Pakistani Christians love their nation and want it to prosper. Courageous believers love those who persecute them and pray for God’s love to set people free.

 God is at work in Pakistan. 360Serve supports national pastors and church planters for the growth and expansion of the local church in Pakistan.


Support a Pakistani Pastor

Pastor Anwar is one of the courageous pastors serving in Pakistan. He has a great heart to build up believers and minister to seekers, sharing the good news of the gospel. Let us be praying for these servants of the Lord who in the midst of many challenges boldly move forward sharing God’s love and message to many.