God is using indigenous pastors, church planters, and evangelists to bring the gospel to the least reached people on earth.

In addition to planting churches, many of our brothers and sisters are working multiple jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

A simple, powerful way to partner with these pastors is to send them into full time gospel ministry.

$50 a month covers the critical needs of a church planter and his or her family so they can focus on spreading the gospel.


"Your prayers and support bring joy to my life and help me to serve God. Thank you!"

Evangelist Flor | Philippines


"Thank you for sending me into full time church planting ministry."

Pastor Paul | Bangladesh


"I could not serve God in Cuba without your prayers and support. Thank you!"

Pastor Angel | Cuba


Cuba Prison Pastor.jpg


At age 16 I was sent to a maximum security prison for 26 years because I lived a life of violence and crime. For four years in prison I lived in darkness. I finally cried out, "God, if you exist please save me." A fellow inmate shared the gospel with me, I was powerfully saved, and my life was transformed.

I served 8 of my 26 years and was released because of good behavior. Now I go to the prisons in Cuba and evangelize and lead Bible studies and disciple prisoners. I now train hundreds of prisoners to be church planters so that when they are released from prison they have a purpose and can go and plant churches throughout Cuba.

Betty Uganda.jpg


I grew up in a home where our family used to worship spirits and demons. I had never heard of Jesus. One day when I was 18 years old a church planter came to our village and shared about Jesus, I believed and was saved.

God gave me a deep hunger for his Word. God also called me to be an evangelist. I started with my family. I would wake up each night at midnight and pray for my family. Now my entire family is saved. My greatest passion is to go door to door to the unreached areas of Uganda and share about Jesus. Many have turned to Jesus and God has used me to plant several churches in the unreached areas of Uganda.



I grew up in the slums in the Philippines. I was often hungry and sick and my family would bring me to the area witch doctor and this made things worse. When I was fifteen years old a church planter came to our slum and shared about Jesus. I invited Jesus into my heart and this changed my life and gave me hope and a purpose.

I am now a church planter who goes to the slums to tell others about Jesus.

My life verse is Philippians 1:21 that says, "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."


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Send a church planter into full time ministry for $50 a month



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