Learn how you can bring the gospel to China

China is the largest country in the world with 1.4 billion people and has the world’s second largest economy. God is at work in China in unprecedented ways. There was an estimated 1 million Christians in 1976. Today the Chinese Christian church has grown to over 100 million! This marks the greatest church growth in Christian history. It is estimated that 10,000 people turn to Jesus every day in China. In the midst of this incredible church growth, there is still much persecution from China's atheistic government. Christians are monitored, property is confiscated, crosses are forcefully removed, churches are destroyed and Christians are arrested, beaten, tortured, jailed and even killed for their faith. The Christians I’ve met in China are some of the most bold believers on the planet. They call it “the way of the cross.” They are willing to sacrifice all for Jesus, including their very lives. What an honor it is to partner with our Chinese brothers and sisters.

Meet Pastor David

Pastor David is representative of so many of the pastors who serve the Lord in China. My prayer is that his story will encourage you and inspire you in your faith. You can support a pastor like David for $50 per month.

Meet Pastors Leo and Jill

Pastor Leo and Jill are a beautiful couple who are serving the Lord faithfully in China. Let their story remind you that God sees you—even in the midst of your pain. You can support pastors like Leo and Jill for $50 per month.