Support a Christmas Banner Presentation Team

Christmas Outreach Week is coming December 17-23, 2019. There are 2,500 teams who are ready to present the Christmas Banner gospel message to hundreds of unreached villages all over North India. It is estimated that 1.3 million people will hear the gospel and 125,000 will trust Christ as Savior and Lord. The teams are trained and ready to serve God for an entire week. We have already provided the banners to them but they need the funds to travel. $15 sponsors a team of two Indian evangelists and covers their food, travel expenses and lodging for an entire week as they minister the gospel to unreached areas.


Sponsor a Radio Broadcast

Radio broadcasts provide a way for North Koreans to learn about Jesus, as well as the outside world. The North Korean government makes efforts to jam broadcasts, but radio waves transmit the Gospel to its desperate people.  You can support a half hour gospel radio broadcast into North Korea for $50.00.


Support The Christmas Cup Crusade

Imagine five Buddhist communities in rural Thailand coming together for a two day soccer tournament, food, trophies, awards ceremony and special meetings each evening. These evening meetings feature Christian musicians, Christian testimonies, and pastors sharing the meaning of Christmas and preaching the gospel. 2,000 people will hear the gospel and many will respond to Christ for the first time. This is very unusual for such favor to be granted to Christians in Buddhist Thailand. This is a wide open opportunity to bring the gospel to hundreds who have never understood the gospel. The total needed for this event is $8,000.


Support an Ethiopian Woman Evangelist

Jesus said, â€œGo out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full.” Luke 14:23

God is using women evangelists to go to the unreached areas and share the gospel. These women are bold and courageous. You can support one of these women evangelists for $50 per month.