Sponsor a Radio Broadcast

Radio broadcasts provide a way for North Koreans to learn about Jesus, as well as the outside world. The North Korean government makes efforts to jam broadcasts, but radio waves transmit the Gospel to its desperate people. God is using Han to broadcast the Gospel into North Korea. Her story is incredible. One day it will be a book. Here is the short version: Han grew up in North Korea. 16 years ago Han heard the Gospel from a South Korean radio broadcast which is illegal to listen to in North Korea. She couldn’t believe that what she heard was true. She thought the radio announcer was being forced against their will to share such a positive message of hope. Han willed that one day she would escape North Korea and locate that radio station and discover the truth. She survived the famine that killed 3 million North Koreans by harvesting an herb in the mountains and making a 20 mile round trip to the market by foot. Her father was unable to work because he lost his legs to torture. At 18 years old Han sold herself to a trafficker to get to China. She escaped a brothel. She made it far inland by walking at night and hiding in the mountains during the day. She convinced a lady to hire her at a Chinese restaurant, even though it is against the law to hire an illegal North Korean. She worked at the restaurant for 5 years. She convinced Chinese police she was a Chinese citizen. She hired a broker to get her to Mongolia and then crossed a part of the Gobi Desert using only a compass and the stars. She made it to South Korea and located the radio station where she first heard the gospel. She found Christ as her Savior and Lord and is now the voice for sharing the Gospel into North Korea. Incredible. Han is one of the heroes we have the honor of supporting. You can support a half hour radio broadcast into North Korea for $50.00.

Sponsor a Sierra Leone women evangelist

The fields are ripe in Sierra Leone. Women are being used of the Lord in mighty ways to go into the fields of Sierra Leone, share the gospel with other women and churches are being birthed through this process. For $50.00 per month you can support a woman church planter.


Sponsor a Senegalese Evangelist

In Saint Louis there are 10,000 Talibe boys or beggar boys. “Talibe” means disciple of a Marabout or teacher of the Koran. Parents believe the way their son gets to heaven is through the Marabout (he takes on the role of Christ). The Marabout teach that he will take with him 120 boys to heaven. These boys need to fill their quota of rice and money by begging and if they don’t they can’t come home and sleep. One Marabout can have up to 120 boys in his Daaras or school. Once a boy turns 13 they are discarded, as they are not thought to be effective in begging anymore and are turned away and often become homeless on the streets. Basse (see picture) was a Talibe boy who was discarded by a Marabout once he turned 13. He roamed the streets completely confused and thought about committing suicide, but heard about Jesus and committed his life to Christ. Basse now serves as an evangelist who reaches out to hundreds of Talibe boys, sharing the gospel, giving Talibe boys hope in Jesus Christ. You can support an evangelist like Basse for $100 per month.


Support The Christmas Cup Crusade

Imagine five Buddhist communities in rural Thailand coming together for a two day soccer tournament, food, trophies, awards ceremony and special meetings each evening. These evening meetings feature Christian musicians, Christian testimonies, and pastors sharing the meaning of Christmas and preaching the gospel. 2,000 people will hear the gospel and many will respond to Christ for the first time. This is very unusual for such favor to be granted to Christians in Buddhist Thailand. This is a wide open opportunity to bring the gospel to hundreds who have never understood the gospel. The total needed for this event is $8,000.


5000 Banners to Reach
10 Million

Would you like to help 10 million people hear the message of the gospel for the very first time?

5,000 Indian pastors take the gospel message to 100,000 unreached villages in India. Each of these villages has no church, has no Christians and has never heard about Jesus. The majority of the Dalit Indians are unable to read.

5,000 teams go to the unreached villages with a 6x8 foot banner (pictured) that tells the gospel message. The pastors point to the pictures on the banner to tell the wonderful gospel message. It is estimated that 10 million people will hear about Jesus for the first time and an estimated 2 million will trust in Christ as Savior and Lord. Approximately 20,000 house churches start through this outreach.

Sponsor a Senegalese Artist

God is using artists to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost of Senegal. One such artist is named Jeremy. Jeremy sings music in the Wolof language. There are 6 million Wolof in Senegal and there are only 250 known Christians of this entire people group. You can support an artist like Jeremy for $100.00 per month.


Support an Ethiopian Woman Evangelist

Jesus said, “Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my house will be full.” Luke 14:23

God is using women evangelists to go to the unreached areas and share the gospel. These women are bold and courageous. You can support one of these women evangelists for $50 per month.

Support a Children’s Ministry Evangelist

Children are a gift from the Lord. Lelean is a gift from God for the children of Cuba. Learn how God is using her in mighty ways to lead dozens of children to Christ.

Support a Cuban Chaplain

The door to share the gospel in the prisons of Cuba is wide open. Meet Alexander and learn about this incredible opportunity to bring the gospel to hundreds.

Sponsor an evangelist serving at a refugee camp

Even though the earthquakes hit in spring 2015, there are still dozens of refugee camps throughout Nepal. These are prime areas to show God’s love in tangible ways and to share the gospel of hope. You can support an evangelist who will bring God’s love and the gospel to these needy areas. Sponsor an evangelist for $100 per month.