Give Where Most Needed

Let me explain why this area of donation is so important. There are times I receive an email or phone call from one of our partners where a crisis is taking place, literally in the moment. Let me give you just one recent example.

July 2019

"Dear Pastor Mark,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. We want to thank you all for your prayer and for your great support. I want to request you all for prayer and for support, because thousands and millions of people are in a struggling situation, and always the poor and needy suffer a lot.

According to Wednesday's report on the website of the Disaster Management Department, more than twelve million people living in 1,238 panchayats in 12 districts have been affected by the floods that were caused by heavy rain in North Bihar India. Over 500 people died and over thousands of animals died. And over 100,000 houses are collapse due to this heavy rain and floods, its worst conditions in those area.   

There are over 200 church planters working in these areas. Most of churches have been in affected and the house church service has been stopped.

Please help us with prayer and with finances for the following important items needed:

Food packets--$35 for one food packet for one family
Mosquito net--$3 for one net for one family (After the floods there will be thousand and millions of mosquitos)
Medical Camps--$300 for 100 people to get medicine in one medical camp”


There are times I don’t have the time to film a video or write up a story on our website. When you give to “the project where it is most needed” we can get the funds quickly to the need at hand.