Sponsor a Sierra Leone church planter

It was an honor to meet dozens of church planters who God is using in Sierra Leone. How does a church get started in Sierra Leone? A church planter will leave his home and travel into a region where there are no Christians. He will walk the streets praying, asking God to lead him to a “person of peace” or someone who is open to him facilitating a Bible study from their house. Friends are invited to the Bible study. The gospel will eventually be presented and people begin coming to Christ. Once a core group of Christians is established, a trained pastor will come to pastor the small flock and the church planter will move on to a new location where there are no Christians. This is happening all over Sierra Leone. Hundreds of churches are being started in this manner. These church planters face tremendous persecution. Many of them face rejection and often beatings. If they are married, they are unable to travel with their wives, for the risk is too great. Please be praying for these courageous church planters. You can support a church planter for $50.00 per month.