Learn how you can bring the gospel to Vietnam

With a population of 96 million, Vietnam is one of the few remaining communist countries. In 1975, North and South Vietnam united under communist rule. All missionaries were kicked out of the country. The communist party has complete control over state policy and activity. Human rights violations continue—especially targeting Christians and ethnic minority groups. Churches face great persecution, including beatings, land grabbing, confiscation of property and imprisonment. The dominant religion in Vietnam is Buddhism and ancestor worship. It is estimated that only 1% of Vietnam is evangelical Christian, but evangelical Christianity is the fastest growing spiritual movement. There are pockets in Vietnam where God is greatly, miraculously at work building his church. Exciting opportunities abound to support the ongoing work of the gospel into Vietnam.

Support a Vietnamese iPastor like Samuel

Pastor Samuel is 52 years old. He was raised in a family that practiced ancestor worship. He believed his dead ancestors were alive and present at the altar. He saw them as gods with power to help him. He feared his ancestors and would make food sacrifices to appease them and earn their favor so he wouldn’t be under a curse. One day his pigs got sick and he tried magic spells on his pigs but that didn’t work. He met an old friend who had become a Christian. When he heard the good news he prayed and invited Christ to be his Savior and Lord. The next day he prayed and God healed his pigs. He began to share the gospel with others. The police arrested him three times and threw him into prison. When he got out he went to Hanoi and received training to become a pastor. He returned to his home town and is now serving with Pastor Daniel in pastoring a church of 200 and he is planting many other churches in the surrounding area.  You can support a church planter like Samuel for $50.00 per month. If you provide recurring, monthly support of $50 per month, we will mail you a picture and profile of the church planter you are supporting.