Support Global Outreach Week 

Imagine 100,000 Christians being mobilized to take the gospel door-to-door to 5 million people over the course of one week—that is Global Outreach Week in North India! These courageous believers will sacrifice one week of their lives to walk door-to-door distributing 5 million Jesus tracts and sharing the gospel with the 5 million who receive a tract. They believe 1 million people will come to Jesus over the course of this week. They will be targeting 5,000 villages. Along with sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ, they will be looking for “the person of peace” in each village. Once they identify “the person of peace” they plan on starting 5,000 house churches in those homes in 2018. Our 360Serve field director is praying for $30,000 to fund the printing of 5 million gospel tracts. $1.00 will print 120 tracts, $25.00 will print 3,000 tracts, $100.00 will print 12,000 tracts, and so on. Global Outreach Week takes place the last week of May 2018. If you give to this project you will receive a picture and a paragraph on the impact your gift has made.