Support an Orphan Girl at the Esther Mercy Home

There are approximately 30 million children living on the streets of India. These children are trafficked and abused in ways that are hard for us to comprehend. In the midst of this nationwide epidemic, there is incredible hope, healing and a bright future for the orphan girls at the Esther Mercy Home. The girls who live in this home are 7-15 years old.  These girls are receiving love and care from the pastor’s family and a loving staff. They are receiving food, clothing, education, medication, recreation, Christ-centered discipleship and they are all coming to Christ. These girls are passionate worshipers of Jesus and they are dedicated prayer warriors. All these girls are being trained and inspired to become the person God has called them to become. Some will become teachers, engineers, computer technicians, doctors and many we talked to desire to become church planters who proclaim the gospel to their nation. A profound impact will result from supporting one of these precious girls.