Sponsor a Senegalese Evangelist

In Saint Louis there are 10,000 Talibe boys or beggar boys. “Talibe” means disciple of a Marabout or teacher of the Koran. Parents believe the way their son gets to heaven is through the Marabout (he takes on the role of Christ). The Marabout teach that he will take with him 120 boys to heaven. These boys need to fill their quota of rice and money by begging and if they don’t they can’t come home and sleep. One Marabout can have up to 120 boys in his Daaras or school. Once a boy turns 13 they are discarded, as they are not thought to be effective in begging anymore and are turned away and often become homeless on the streets. Basse (see picture) was a Talibe boy who was discarded by a Marabout once he turned 13. He roamed the streets completely confused and thought about committing suicide, but heard about Jesus and committed his life to Christ. Basse now serves as an evangelist who reaches out to hundreds of Talibe boys, sharing the gospel, giving Talibe boys hope in Jesus Christ. You can support an evangelist like Basse for $100 per month.