Learn how you can bring the gospel to Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful yet small country of 30 million people located in the Himalayas, landlocked between India and China. It is home to Mt. Everest. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, with 1/3 of the country living below the poverty line. 90% of the people work in subsistence farming with an average income of $80.00 per month. 300,000 girls are victims of sex trafficking. Nepal's population: 81% are Hindu, 10% are Buddhist, 4% are Muslim and 2% are Christians, but thousands are turning to Christ. God is at work in Nepal so 360Serve is there.

Meet iPastor BK and Santi and learn about their ministry of prayer and evangelism 

Pastor BK and Santi are typical of the many pastors who serve with their wives in  reaching Nepal for Christ. These couples are on fire for Jesus and they have a powerful ministry of prayer and evangelism. Sponsor a pastor for $50.00 per month.