Learn how you can bring the gospel to India

India is the world’s second largest country with a population of 1.3 billion. There are 29 states in India and the capital is New Delhi. India is the most ethnically diverse nation on earth with over 2,500 people groups and 456 languages spoken. 80% are Hindu, 15% are Muslim and 1% are evangelical Christian and yet evangelical Christianity is the fasting growing spiritual movement in India. There are 500,000 villages that are yet to even hear the name of Jesus. The need is vast, but the opportunity is incredible. 360Serve is focusing its attention to bring God’s love to the villages of northern India, where the lowest caste in India, formally known as the Untouchables live. These are the poorest of the poor. The need for help, love, hope and the gospel is so great among these people. It is truly amazing what God is doing in this area of the world. All the projects listed will truly help you impact India in amazing ways.

Support an Indian iPastor

It is very difficult to overstate what God is doing in Northern India. There are literally hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands coming to Christ. Entire villages are hearing about Jesus for the very first time in all history and entire villages are turning to Christ. Why? Jesus is the hope of the world. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. The messengers who are bringing God’s love and the gospel to these villages are the church planters. These men and women are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I have ever met. Their lives have been transformed by the gospel and now they are telling village after village what Jesus has done and what Jesus can do in all who believe. The average church planter will plant two house churches per year and lead a minimum of 100 people to Christ. Dozens of those will become evangelists and church planters; like what we see in the book of Acts. If you want to impact the world in an amazing way, support one of these church planters at $50 monthly. We will send you a profile of your church planter and you will receive updates about the amazing things God is doing in India.

Support an evangelist

Women evangelists are bringing the gospel to thousands throughout the villages of India. Women evangelists are much more subtle; they can make inroads into new villages easier than men. Through relationship building these women get invited into homes where they can explain the good news to women and children, while men are out working in the fields. You can support an evangelist for $50 a month.