Help provide motorcycles for iPastors

Todd and Austin Teyler, professional motorcycle hill climbers are excited about raising awareness and funds for 360Serve iPastors around the world.

“This is what I’ve come to realize. There are a lot of very cool guys in our world who NEED a motorcycle, but they could NEVER AFFORD ONE. They are doing God’s work in countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines and Ethiopia. They are making a huge difference in their world, but many of them have to walk because they just don’t have the money for a motorcycle. Any donation helps—but $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the country, puts a new motorcycle into the hands of one of these pastors and I’m telling you, it will literally change their life and help their ministry in huge ways!” —Todd Teyler

“I love to help others who could never afford a motorcycle, get a motorcycle because it changes their life! Thanks for helping and keep the throttle wide open!” —Austin Teyler