Give where most needed

360Serve works with 30 different countries around the world. Let me explain why this area of donation is so important. There are times I receive an email or phone call from one of our partners where a crisis is taking place, literally in the moment. Let me give you just one recent example.

June 2018
"Dear Pastor Mark,

I wanted to share with you some other news which is really bad. On May 31st Thursday evening, a very big wind storm came and collapsed many things. We had two chicken farms. These farms have been totally damaged and the roof part has collapsed and fallen down. We also have some small rice mills that have collapsed. These are a big blessing and help us provide for the needs of the two Orphan Centers. The roof of the Mercy Center is also damaged. We are in great need, please pray and if you can help us rebuild again we would be so thankful.

Pastor MK"

There are times I don’t have the time to film a video or write up a story on our website. When you give to “the project where it is most needed” we can get the funds quickly to the need at hand.