Fund a Church Building for Pastor Anil in Bangladesh

Pastor Anil and his team are very committed trying to expand the kingdom of God. But there is a big challenge - no space to do worship, children’s school and Bible study. Currently they do church under trees. During the rainy season there is no place to worship. The land has been donated by villagers who have been recipients of the ministry outreaches of Pastor Anil and fellow believers. They desire to have a church building in their community of Saldha in Bangladesh which is a Muslim and tribal area.

One believer said, “Pastor, you see we have only small land and we give it for God, now waiting to see God help through someone to have a house of worship.”

The total financial need for a church building is $8,500. This will help this small church community of believers reach a community with the hope and transformation that only the Lord Jesus Christ provides.

Church when completed will seat 400

Church when completed will seat 400

Build a church and training center for church planters in North Vietnam

This church will seat 400 and it will be a place that will also serve as an outreach center. $3,000 completes the church. JUNE 2019 THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN FUNDED.

Training Center

Training Center

The training center will be used to train hundreds of church planters and pastors in North Vietnam. They will not have to travel all the way to Hanoi to receive training. $10,000 completes the training center.

Build a church and training center for church planters

With so many people turning to Christ in Bangladesh, there is the need for multiple house churches and ultimately church buildings. There is a great need for a mother church that can provide ongoing training for church planters and pastors who are reaching a particular region for the Lord. Maybe you are a big picture type of person. Why not make a significant investment into a church that will make a big difference, impacting an entire region that is unreached and needs the gospel. The foundation and first floor is $25,000. The total project which will include the foundation and all four stories can be completed for for $55,000.

Help Build a Center For Training and Spiritual Transformation

One of the greatest needs this church planting ministry is facing is for the construction of a training center. The center will be utilized to train church planters who are going into the slums of Metro Manila.  It will also serve as the center for administration and operations. It will be a place for meetings, conferences, worship, fellowship, counseling and prayer for the community. $50,000 has already been raised for this project. There are three phases for the completion of this building: Phase 1: $50,000 - Phase 2: $82,000 - Phase 3: $132,000. For additional details on this opportunity please email 360Serve@gmail.org.