Give a Chinese Christian a Bible

Imagine being a Christian, but not having even one copy of the Bible. 40%-50% of Christians in China lack having a copy of God’s precious Word. Even if they have the money, it is very difficult to locate and then purchase a Bible in China. Imagine being a pastor who teaches God’s Word, but the people in your church don’t have a copy of God’s Word? For just $3.00 per Bible, you can give a copy of the Bible to a pastor in China who will get that Bible to a Chinese Christian in their church. What a difference this will make!

Imagine giving a new Christian their first Bible

Most of us take for granted our Bible. But imagine being a Christian and not having a Bible. In Bangladesh half the Christians lack a copy of God’s precious Word. This isn’t because they don’t want one. Believe me, they want a Bible, but they can’t afford one. This is where 360Serve is able to help. I visited a baptismal service in Bangladesh where 150 brand new Christians were being baptized. At the end of the service I was able to share an encouraging message from God’s Word. But the greatest moment was the privilege of handing each of those new believers their first Bible. The smiles on their faces were precious. Through 360Serve you can place a Bible into the hands of a brand new believer in Bangladesh for $15.00 per copy. Why not go for it?


Give the 1st Edition of the New Testament to the San Chay

There are approximately 200,000 San Chay in North Vietnam and currently they have no copy of the Bible in their language; the Jesus Film is not available in their language, there is no oral Bible in their language. Pastor Daniel and a team of his colleagues have taken the time to translate the entire New Testament into the San Chay language. Would you like to be among the first individuals in Christian history to bring the first printing of the New Testament in San Chay to the San Chay people? The greatest missionary is the Bible! You can give a San Chay New Testament for $5.00 per copy. Imagine the impact!


Give a Bible to a New Believer in Ethiopia

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119:105

The Bible is our roadmap and the Bible is greatly needed in Ethiopia. Approximately forty percent of all new believers do not have a copy of God’s Word. You can give a New Testament for $5.00 per copy and an entire Bible for $10.00 per copy. Thank you for giving the gift of God’s Word. The most common question I was asked while in Ethiopia was, “Do you have any Bibles?”

Give a Bible to a Cuban Christian

There are 11 million people in Cuba, but only 1 million Bibles. Many Cubans lack a copy of God’s Word. There are no Christian bookstores. You can send a copy of the Bible to a Cuban believer for $4.00 per copy.